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Focusing on technology, the Photovoltaics International journal is specifically designed for the PV supply chain, including materials, components, equipment, manufacturing and large-scale utility installation.

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Twenty Seventh Edition First Quarter, March 2015 THE TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE FOR PV PROFESSIONALS Twenty Seventh Edition 2015 Imec Large-area n-PERT cells: Raising the effi ciency beyond 22% by selective laser doping Fraunhofer ISE Development of bifacial n-type solar cells: Status and perspectives PI-Berlin Potential-induced degradation of thin-fi lm modules: Prediction of outdoor behaviour ISHF Ion implantation as an enabling technique for the fabrication of back junction back-contact cells within a lean process fl ow CSEM Lamination process and encapsulation materials for glass-glass PV module design SPREE Precursors for enabling higher effi ciency silicon wafer solar cells USPVMC Diamond wire sawing for PV – short and long-term challenges

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